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Opportunities linked with nature

Just like risks, nature-related opportunities stem from business’ impact and dependency on nature and need to be identified and prioritised. There is a real business case behind nature-positive solutions. Indeed, the WEF estimates that transitioning could generate over $10 trillion of annual business opportunities and 395 million jobs by 2030.Presented below are the five drivers of biodiversity loss and the positive and negative impacts companies may have on these drivers. For each positive impact, there is an opportunity to be explored.

Drivers of change
TBFD: Drivers of nature change – reflecting both negative and positive impacts

A massive shift to reduce our impact on nature will reduce the physical, transition and systemic risks arising from climate change and biodiversity loss. Moreover, moving now to a nature-positive strategy can offer organisations a point of differentiation and many advantages compared to lagging companies.  Every year global, regional, and local legislations and standards are becoming more stringent and thus proactive organisations that embrace change before being forced to so will benefit from better positioning, both economic and reputational.

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